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Acrylic nails, powders, liquids and Nail Gels for women
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Acrylic nails, powders, liquids and Nail Gels for women
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Mon, 19 Apr 2010
The nail art industry is growing rapidly given the increasing demand of various nail products including Acrylic powders, acrylic liquids, acrylic nails, Nail Gels, primers, topcoats and several other accessories. All these nail products are available in large variety and combination to provide women a complete nail care. To say for example, one can find glitter art powders and colored nail powder and so on. Similar is the case with other products as well. Out of these, however, it is Nail Gels that have got the maximum attention and have become the favorite among all women.
Nail Gels or Gel nails present an excellent alternative to acrylic nails or other types of fake nails as they are more durable and involve easy application. Unlike acrylic nails, the nail Gels can be easily applied and require very less maintenance. In this article we will make a comprehensive insight into Gel nails.
What are Nail Gels?
Nail Gels are clear, thin, flexible and non-yellowing gels used as part of nail extensions. They provide a protective coating to natural nails, nail tips and are ideal to hide broken or damaged nails.
Types of nail Gels
There are two types of nail Gels available in the market: Light cured or UV Nail Gels and "No" light Gels.
Soak-Off UV Gels are the most commonly used light cured gels that are predominantly used by women to give a natural yet shiny appearance to their nails,Mulberry Handbags. These gels are applied to the nail plate first and then cured under the Ultra Violet light to provide a glossy finish. These Gels are easy to apply and remove thus giving women enough chance to experiment with the look of their nails. Soak-off gels help to maintain lengthy nails by imparting strength because of which they are also known as Builder Soak-off nail Gels.
There are also UV Color Gels, as the name applies, they are available in multiple colors and provide a wet & glossy look to nails. Women can choose the UV nail Gels of their favorite colors and keep enhancing their hand's beauty.
"No" Light Nail Gels on the hand provide the dual advantage as they save time and are cured with a Gel activator and sometimes by simply dipping nails in water.
Benefits of Nail Gels
• Maintain the natural look of nails
• Impart Strength to nails
• Prevent breakage and chipping of nails
• Ensure long and healthy nails
• Are odorless
• Easy to apply
• Resist Lifting
With so many benefits, nail Gels have become a popular choice among women especially the working ones, as they doesn't demand much time and still provide ample care to nails.
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