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The Vancouver Canucks' Big Minute Shutdown Defenseman Dan Hamhuis
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The Vancouver Canucks' Big Minute Shutdown Defenseman Dan Hamhuis
Submitted by Jeffrey Wachowiak
Tue, 24 May 2011
Wearing a number 2 on his Dan Hamhuis jersey, Dan Hamuis is a 6 foot and 1 inch, 209 pound defensive player currently playing the position of defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks. He is 28 years of age, having been born on December 13th 1982 in Smithers, British Columbia in Canada. His Canadian origin makes him a natural at ice hockey. He has played in the National Hockey League for a total of 6 seasons, 5 of which was spent with the Nashville Predators,Popular Mulberry Handbags MB-09.
As a defenseman, Dan Hamhuis (wearing a number 2 Dan Hamhuis jersey) can play a solid defensive game. He can log a lot of big minutes and can be used in a shutdown role. He is not a physical defenseman, however, which makes him less effective against bigger forwards. He also has limited offensive contributions.
Dan Hamhuis entered the NHL on 2001 when he was drafted by the Nashville Predators with the number 12 overall pick in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft. He was officially signed by the Predators in July 2002. His NHL debut in is very own Dan Hamhuis jersey came on October 16, 2003. On that game, Dan Hamhuis scored his first ever NHL goal in dramatic fashion, by scoring the game winning goal in a tied game against the St. Louis Blues' goaltender Chris Osgood. Hamhuis would continue to improve and have a break out season. The season long NHL lock out of 2004 and 2005,Popular Mulberry Handbags MB-13, Hamhuis returned to the AHL where he began playing his hockey career as a pro in the minor leagues. He would go on to return to the Predators after the lock out,Popular Mulberry Handbags MB-20. His role within the Predators franchise would soon diminish with the emergence of other younger stars.
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