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Bagless Lightweight Upright Or Canister Vacuum Cleaners Mt. Vernon Washington; Are Lightweight Upright Or Canister Vacuum Cleaners Better For Allergy Sufferers?
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Bagless Lightweight Upright Or Canister Vacuum Cleaners Mt. Vernon Washington; Are Lightweight Upright Or Canister Vacuum Cleaners Better For Allergy Sufferers?
Submitted by Claude Whitacre
Tue, 8 Mar 2011
Less expensive vacuum cleaners are nearly all bagless. The profit is in the filters, not the disposable vacuum sweepers. The higher end vacuum cleaners almost nearly all use high quality inner bags.
In the beginning nearly all vacuum cleaners were bagless. nearly all vacuums simply used a cloth bag to contain the particles and dirt. The vacuum cleaners leaked dirt and odors, however they were a good deal better than using nothing at nearly all. Subsequently paper bags were released to dramatically cut down on the dirt. The paper bags were a big development because they cut down on the odors kept in the cloth outer paper filter bag, and the filth and dust could be thrown away without a dirt cloud forming over the vacuum sweeper.
Approximately 1985 the bagless vacuum sweeper became common. Originally, bagless vacuum cleaners had a clear real advantage over bagged vacuum cleaners,Mulberry Bayswater Bags. The HEPA filter that nearly all bagless vacuum cleaners utilize stops almost nearly all the dirt and odors from leaking out the vacuum sweeper exhaust. The good news was that the HEPA filters stopped dirt from spewing out. The bad news is that the clogged up promptly. They clogged quicker if the air contained elevated humidity or if you were picking up pet fur. The pet dander sticks to the filter and retards air flow. The slowing air flow is also the thing that cooled the motor. The motors in bagless vacuum sweepers tend not to survive as long as bagged vacuum cleaners as a result of this restricted airflow to the motor in bagless vacuum cleaners.
The two key reasons shoppers ask us about bagless vacuum cleaners is: 1) They want to save money on bags, or 2) They want less dirt. Without a bag vacuum sweepers need a HEPA filter to impede the dirt and filth. These filters are very successful. They also should be changed not less than once a year (more often if you have small children or pets) and, they aren't economical, $29 - $59 each. It is impossible to spend as much for paper bags. High filtration paper bags could cost you a dollar or two apiece. You will throw away less money on the bags than for the bagless filters, even if you replace the bags regularly.
Less dirt? Do you own trash cans at home? Do you use trash can liners? Why? Because it's far more sanitary when you throw out the bag instead of dumping the can with all the dirt being thrown into the air. Generally high end vacuum cleaners now utilize micron filtration bags along with a HEPA filter at the exhaust of the vacuum sweeper. The micron filtration bags offer first-rate filtration, and they don't clog up and restrict airflow like the HEPA filters in bagless vacuum cleaners. The HEPA filter at the exhaust takes much longer to get filthy because the filth is trapped in the high filtration paper bag.
If you have pets, the pet dander is what sticks to the bagless HEPA filters. We moreover suggest to pet owners that they use a vacuum sweeper with a charcoal filter to trap and neutralize the pet odors. Also, natural fiber brushes on your vacuum sweeper's roller brush will not trap the pet hair in the brush roll.
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